Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Date Truffles

Personally, I find these delicious. However, I think that months of clean-eating and a well adjusted pallet plays a major role. In other words, these "truffles" are healthy, and if you're expecting rich and creamy, these aren't for you. However, if you're a health nut like me and are craving a little something sweet and chocolately, these are perfect!


14 pitted dates
2-4T peanut butter (I used Teddy, smooth and unsalted)
1T rolled oats
3T unsweetened cocoa powder
unsweetened finely shredded coconut, for rolling

Now, if my toddler had not burned out the motor on our food processor, I would have used it. But since it's out of commission for now, I mixed all ingredients by hand. I added a bit of hot water to the dates to soften, then mashed with a fork until a paste was formed. I then mashed in the peanut butter, rolled oats, and cocoa powder (you can add more water, or even a bit of melted coconut oil to add moisture). Once all ingredients are well mixed, I scooped 1/2T full, rolled into a ball, and rolled in the coconut. Serve right away, or keep in the fridge for later snacking!

Makes about 20 truffles, at only 25 calories each (if you use 2T PB)

Additional options:
crushed almonds
maple syrup, for added sweetness

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